Project Name: การยับยั้งการลุกลามของเซลล์มะเร็งปากมดลูกโดยใช้รีคอมบิแนน์แอดดีโนไวรัสที่มียีนกำหนดการสร้าง scFv intrabody ต่อ CD147 (INTERFERENCE OF CERVICAL ADENOCARCINOMA CELL INVASIVENESS USING RECOMBINANT ADENOVIRUS ENCODING scFv-CD147 INTRABODY)

Researcher: Nutjeera Intasai

Organization:Associated Medical Sciences/Medical Technology

Time:1 October 2007 - 30 September 2008


  1. Nutjeera Intasai (Head of project)


  1. BioMedical Engineering Center 100,000 Baht


The authors are grateful to Dr. Andrew D. Griffiths for the generous gift of E. coli
strains, TG-1 and HB2151 and Dr. Ville Santala for pAK400cb vector. We also gratefully
acknowledge Dr. Carlos F. Barbas III for providing pComb3HSS, pComb3X, modified
pAdTrack, pAdEasy vectors and Dr. Andre Leiber for HeLa cells. We are thankful to
Somphot Saoin, Wutigri Nimlamool, Watinee Yartfoong, Siriporn Yayong and Supansa
Pata for their technical assistances. This work was supported by the 2007 BioMedical
Engineering Center research grant, Chiang Mai University and also supported in part by
the scholarship from the Commission on Higher Education, the Thailand Research Fund
and the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), Thailand.